Notice for Sacramento County: Excess water from the Oroville Dam is expected to stay within the confines of the Sacramento River Channel. Sacramento is not expected to experience a water event.


The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services (SacOES) coordinates the overall Sacramento Countywide response to large scale incidents and disasters.

SacOES is responsible for alerting and notifying appropriate agencies when disaster strikes; coordinating all agencies that respond; ensuring resources are available and mobilized in times of disaster; developing plans and procedures in response to and recovery from disasters; and developing and providing preparedness materials for the public.

Additionally, SacOES administers and coordinates the Homeland Security grants for the county of Sacramento.

2017 February Storm Information

Due to a series of atmospheric rivers and warm storms that have melted snow, the Sacramento County area is experiencing impacts from high water volume ​along rivers, creeks and streams. Get tips to prepare for upcoming storms.

February 22 Update

Possible Road Closure Impacts at Point Pleasant​

February 21 Update

Dry Creek Voluntary Evacuation Notice and Flood Advisory Lifted

​Wilton Voluntary Evacuation Notice and Flood Advisory Lifted

February 20 Update

Dry Creek Voluntary Evacuation Notice and Flood Advisory

Cosumnes River Voluntary Evacuation Notice and Flood Warning

  • Voluntary Evacuation Lifted Tues Feb 21 at 12:40 PM PST

February 16 Update

Evacuation Order Lifted for Tyler Island, Walnut Grove​:

February 15 Update
Tyler Island update

February 14 Update

Update for Point Pleasant, Tyler Island and Walnut Grove areas

February 13 Update

Distress line available for anyone having a hard time coping with a natural or human-caused disaster: ​1-800-985-5990 ​

Evacuation center open for people and small pets at Cal Expo East Gate

Gibson Ranch accepting Oroville evacuees with RVs, trailers,​ fifth wheels and space for horses

Residents of east Walnut Grove advised to take precaution due to flooding at Tyler Island

Residents of Tyler Island advised to evacuate due to compromised levee

February 12 Update

Citrus Heights Community Center Accepting Lake Oroville Evacuees (midnight to 10AM)

Returning Home After a Flood

February 11 Update

Evacuation Center at Pleasant Grove High School to close at 7:00 pm 2/11

Evacuation and shelter in place notice lifted for Wilton residents

Evacuation of Point Pleasant and Glanville tract

Road Closures

February 10 Update

Shelter in Place message for residents of Wilton


Evacuation message for residents of Wilton

Evacuation message for residents in the Point Pleasant area

Twin Cities Road closed in both directions between Clay East and 14440 Twin Cities Rd (Entrance to Rancho Seco) due to severe flooding. Closed indefinitely.

February 9 Update

Message to Wilton Residents Along the Cosumnes River for 2/9/17

Message to Point Pleasant Residents for 2/9/17 

February 7 Update

The Cosumnes River is expected to exceed flood stage today.  Visit to monitor river levels. 

Message to Community Surrounding Cosumnes River for 2/7/17


Message to Point Pleasant Residents for 2/7/17


Message to Wilton Residents Along the Cosumnes River for 2/7/17


2017 January Storm Information





  • Countywide Water Levels: Sacramento County Rainfall and Stream Level Information System:



  • We are expecting worsening weather conditions; residents should be prepared for evacuation by putting together a plan and supplies including: comfort items, clothing, medication, prescription glasses, items for infants or unique needs.
  • Lost Slough  - Although the levee issue is resolved, if the situation changes there could be calls for evacuations. Residents who have evacuated the area are encouraged to stay out of the area throughout the evening. Residents who have not evacuated may choose to leave. An evacuation center is open at Laguna Town Hall (3020 Renwick Avenue) in west Elk Grove.


  • Please check the day's update for evacuation center locations.



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